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It’s a thrill to take a property that at first blush has no redeeming qualities and little value and create from it a home to be cherished and enjoyed, not to mention make it a valuable and viable asset.  We have recently completed just such a project in North Park, San Diego. 




2C Entry view

This little condominium had languished on the market for many months; it seemed nobody wanted it.  The property is located in a desirable location and within a very nice complex but it had no personality and looked worn and uncared for. 




2C Dining and Kitchen 


This home was purchased by our client from the bank at a great price and we set about revitalizing the property.   We left no stone unturned in this remodel- it needed almost everything!  We started by removing the ‘popcorn acoustics’ from the ceiling, relocated electrical, demolished the finishes in the bath and kitchen, removed and replaced flooring…




2C Kitchen

For this project and many others, we managed both the construction and the interior design.  We find it’s a great benefit for our clients to deal with a single entity that is responsible for the creative aspects of the design as well as the logistical aspects of the construction.  Far too often these two disciplines are at odds with one another; at Pacific Shoreline, our clients have one contact and one responsible party making their experience much easier. 

 011     BEFORE         012



2C bathroom


2C before bedroom


2C Bedroom 1

2C Bedroom 2


Our designers take the client’s taste and lifestyle into consideration when creating the perfect interior atmosphere.  Color plays an important role in design.  It can make the space seem larger or smaller, cooler or warmer and has an emotional effect on the individuals who reside within the space.  We are students of color and use our knowledge and understanding of color’s effects on people and spaces in our design strategy.  For some of our clients, a color adjustment in their homes is all that is needed to completely change the atmosphere and ambiance of the space. 




2C Arm chair view


 Whether your property needs a major overhaul or just a little lift, Pacific Shoreline can accomplish your goals.  Our team of construction managers have overseen large and small scale home construction and commercial tenant improvements.  We utilize only tried and true trade partners who are as committed to excellence  and customer satisfaction as we are and together we give our clients a superior construction experience.  Our design team is professional and knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile to find just the right furnishings, art work and accessories that fit our clients lifestyles and budgets.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and bring your dreams to life. 










  1. Laurie Peterson

    Wow! What a great transformation! Love it!


    Wow. You go girl. This is the best and most funnest thing to do. You have a lot of talent my sweet.
    I love you and reach for the stars
    Love Big Linda

  3. Linda Levy

    Great job. I’m not suprised, you are A very talented women. We are proud of you . Love , Linda

  4. Rhonda Mallory

    What a difference! The transformation is incredible. You are very artistic and talented.

  5. Becky

    The before and after photos have such impact. One of the best sales tools I think, people have a hard time visualizing at times.
    Paul & Becky

  6. John Leonffu

    Wow. That’s is where I would like to live!. Nice blend of color, design and textures. Nice Job!.

  7. chris mulhall

    Beautiful job !!! What a transformation.. Looking forward to working with you again… Chris

  8. Bonnie Kralovec

    Absolutely amazing!!!!I would recommend you to all my clients and friends. Keep it up!! Can’t wait to see your next project.

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