What It Means To Be Green II

filed under: Uncategorized posted on August 18th, 2010



I think we’ve missed an opportunity in our espousing the virtues of being ‘Green’.  We talk about protecting the planet, keeping it green but what does that mean?  The fact is, we in all our misguided activity, couldn’t defeat this planet if we tried.  It will survive us.  What it really means to be ‘Green’ is protecting the planet so it will continue to support human life.  By conserving energy and fuel, using non-toxic products and cleaner energy, buying less junk to fill up the landfills and recycling was we do use we are preserving our own destiny on this beautiful planet. 

It’s just like us humans to think we are so powerful to destroy a planet!  We should be more self-serving and do what we can to protect our own, and our grand-children’s existence.

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