Kreative Salon Design

filed under: Uncategorized posted on December 28th, 2010

Pacific Shoreline GC offers full service design and construction services not only for our residential clients but also for businesses wanting to create or update their home away from home.  This recently completed project transformed the salon from unruly tangles to a sleek and shiny space. 



By selecting a warm and complimentary color scheme and making small changes to the work stations, our salon became warm and inviting yet cool and contemporary all at once.




New lighting fixtures, a new desk top and our new and improved color scheme makes this salon a very different experience.  Check out the cool metal accents in and on the corners…



 A little TLC will go a long way- we completed this project in approximately two weeks with a very small budget, allowing our client to get business going and leaving opportunities for enhancements as her business grows. 

                                                                                              We went from…




 It just takes a little vision to make a beautiful difference in your environment.  We hope to have the opportunity to bring some new style into your business!

  1. Denise Vakili

    Excellent work. It’s amazing how much you can do with a limited budget if you hire someone who knows how to maximize it. Five stars. Love it.

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