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We recently transformed this lovely master shower for a client in Carlsbad.  A pesky water leak prompted the work and not only is the shower water-tight and pristine, the bathroom now boasts this beautiful center piece.  This is the before and after transformation:



















Cassins St 1


Among the changes to this shower, we moved the ‘wet wall’ or the wall hosting the plumbing fixtures to the adjacent wall giving us a framed space for our focal point of the design.  We removed the shower seat that was encroaching into the space and replaced it with a corner seat open below giving our client the use of a seat while maximizing the space within the shower.


















Cassins St 2


The glass wall looking into the shower from the bathroom was altered by adding a soffit six inches down from the ceiling and lowering the base of the wall by ten inches. This created the perfect frame for the art within and excentuated the vertical line of the space. The materials we chose for this project reflected our client’s preference for old world grace and luster with an enduring style and quality that is stone. Included in the palette are tumbled stone in a six by twelve brick layout, honed stone above adding a beautiful contrast in texture. Inset into this gleaming honed stone is another tumbled stone laid on the diagonal adding again contrast in texture and color with border accents of granite with lovely splashes of quartz sparkling through. The accents dots add a modern touch while keeping with the overall color and texture scheme.  Finally, the basketweave floor pulls it all together.


Cassins St 3

 Shower seat with accents


Cassins St 4













 Shampoo niche

Cassins St 5

  Floor design

Cassins St 7












  Finally, we chose brushed nickel plumbing fixtures to match the silver-tone fixtures throughout the bathroom.  The Kohler fixtures were chosen for their sharp angles and substantial visual weight. Cassins St 9

 We are very pleased with the lovely outcome to this project but most importantly, so is our client.  We look forward to creating beautiful space for you!

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